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Vinay Kumar Singh
Information Officer
Centre for Bioinformatics
School of Biotechnology, BHU,

Aim of Our Insilico Genomics Lab Technologies

Discovering subtle patterns in genomic sequences.Proposing cellular signalling networks. Proposing mechanisms of genome evolution.Predict precise locations of genes using comparative genomics techniques with species.Predict conserved genomic regions Discover potential links between repeated sequence motifs and tissue-specific gene expression.Measure regions of genomes that have undergone unusually rapid evolution.

  • Biological Databases and Litrature Search
  • Genome annotation, Sequence Analysis and Gene Finding
  • Multiple Sequence Alignment and Phylogeny of genes and their proteins
  • Gene expression analysis based on regulatory Elements and Signature of data
  • Protein functional elucidation based on motif/domain analysis
  • Molecular Modeling, Simulations and Docking
  • System biology approaches for Pathway Modeling