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Papers Published

1. In silico Cis-regulatory Elements Analysis of seed Storage Protein Promoters Cloned from different Cultivars of Wheat,Rice and Oat. Yadav, D., Singh, V.K. Singh,N.K. On line journal of Bioinformatics 8(2) : 1-9,2007

2. PGV Prokaryotic Genome Viewer Soma Marla and Vinay Kumar Singh In Silico Biology 7, 0038 (2007)

3. In silico analysis of pcr amplified dof (dna binding with one finger) transcription factor domains and cloned genes from cereals and millets H. Kushwaha, N.Gupta, V. K. Singh, A. Kumar and D. Yadav Online Journal of Bioinformatics, 9 (2) 130-145, 2008

4. In Silico Analysis Of Pectin Lyase And Pectinase Sequences P. K.Yadav, V.K.Singh, S.Yadav, K.D.S.Yadav and D.Yadav In Press Springer Biochemistry (BM 08-329)

5. In silico detection and preliminary analysis of cis-regulatory elements in promoters of japonica rice (Oryza sativa L.) Dof genes. V. S. Gaur, V.K. Singh, A.Kumar, S. S. Marla and U.S. Singh (Communicated in SRE)

6. In-silico determination of structural and functional diversity of wheat cyctatins and its implication in plant defense. Shriparna Dutt, V.K.singh., Soma Marla and Anil Kumar (Communicated)

7. Genome wide analysis, Insilico characterization and verification of lipoxygenase gene family of japonica rice cv. Nipponbare. V. K. Singh, V.S.Gaur, A. Kumar and S. Marla (Under Preparation)

8. PCR based cloning of seed storage protein promoters of wheat,oat and rice and their in silico analysis for Cis- regulatory elements (2008). D. Yadav, V. K. Singh, Sarita, N.C Bisht and N. K.Singh (Published in Bioinformatics Trends)

Book Chapter Published

1. Bioinformatics Application to Crop Improvment Vinay Singh, Soma Marla, Anil Kumar Chapter14. Page: 270-307