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Project Undertaken

Session-2003 Jan

Topic “Computerized Hospitality& Research”
From National Computer Center & Information Technology (NCCIT), Mirzapur
Role Programmer
Language C++
Guide Mr.Vinod Pandey (Director, NCCIT, Mirzapur)

Session-2003 June

Topic “Simulation of Routing Algorithm”
From National Institute of Management and Technology (NIMACT), Allahabad
Role Programmer
Language C
Guide Mr.Anil Mishra (Computer Programmer, NIMACT, Allahabad)

Session-2004 Jan

Topic “Perl Programming for Developing Bioinformatics Methodologies”
From Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi
Role Programmer
Language Perl
Guide Dr.Naveen Kalra

Session-2005 Jan

Topic “NN Protein Structure Prediction for Sequence Analysis”
From Pearl Computer Training Institute (PCTI), New Delhi
Role Programmer
Language Visual Basic
Guide Mr.Rajiv Tomor (IIT Delhi Student)

Session-2005 Jan- May

Topic “Bioinformatics Tools & Their Potential Application”
From Unit of Simulation & Informatics, IARI, New Delhi
Role Designer
Language Dream viewer, HTML, FrontPage
Guide Dr. Subhas Chander

Extra circular activities

Topic “IARI Centenary year Celebration & Scientific Convention 2005”
From Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi
Role Assisting to Dr. Naveen Kalra
Package Sony Vegas, Acid Pro

Research Project Undertaken

DBT Funded BTPR7849/AGR/02/374/2006
Use of Bioinformatics to delineate MAP Kinase cascades involved in plant defense in Arabidopsis and Brassica species.
Designation As a JRF FromJune-2006 to June 2009