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BIOINFORMATICS, a field integrating molecular biology and computational methods, has revolutionized gene discovery and related research. This new, rapidly evolving discipline provides the tools scientists need to cope with the flood of biological data and raw DNA and protein sequence information generated by such endeavors as the Genome Projects. This material cuts through the overwhelming array of existing tools and databases, helping the user to design and implement a successful sequence analysis strategy. Presented by leading authorities in computational biology, this material covers the gamut of tools, including software and Internet resources.Current Efforts In Molecular Biology Are Producing An Abundance Of Data That Provides Exciting Opportunities For Knowledge Discovery, As Well As An Increasing Problem Of Information Overload. Bioinformatics Concerns The Development Of New Tools For The Analysis Of Genomic And Molecular Biological Data,Including:

  Sequence Analysis
  Phylogenetic Inference
  Genome Database Organization And Mining
  Optical Computation And Holographic Memory
  Pattern Recognition And Image Analysis
  Biologically Inspired Computational Models
  Genetic Algorithms
  Neural Networks
  Machine Learning
  Artificial Life
  Modeling Of Complex Biological And Molecular Processes